Unveiling Ceremony of the Plaques that will be displayed on the wall of the Metropolis Hotel and at Kaunas Railway Station 

On September 4th, the Embassy of Japan will hold an unveiling ceremony for the commemorative plaques which will have been installed on the front, external wall of the Metropolis Hotel and on the wall at the platform of Kaunas Railway Station where Sugihara departed from. The installation of these commemorative plaques will mark the 75th anniversary of the "Visas for Life" which Mr. Chiune Sugihara issued. The unveiling ceremony at the Metropolis hotel will start from 10am with a dance performance by a Japanese modern dancer Ms. Kyrie Oda (Dancer of the AURA dance company). After the performance, at 11am, the second unveiling ceremony will take place at Kaunas Train Station. Three DVDs will be presented at the station, as part of this event. The DVD titles are: "He defied the Tide of Time. Chiune Sugihara and the Saving of the Six Thousand", “The Place Called Heaven” and “Sugihara Survivor Message from Mr. Leo Melamed”. 


Inviting Sugihara Survivor Mrs. Nina Admoni and Mr. Marcel Weyland as guest speakers

The Embassy of Japan will invite Mrs. Nina Admoni (who will be accompanied by her husband) from Israel and Mr. Marcel Weyland from Australia as guest speakers for the event on September 4th at Sugihara House. This event will take place after the unveiling ceremonies at the Metropolis Hotel and Kaunas Railway Station. 


Exhibition of Panels about Mr. Chiune Sugihara

On the September 4th, the Embassy of Japan will hold an exhibition at the Kaunas Railway Station which will deal with the life and work of Mr. Chiune Sugihara. We hope that the exhibition will also cover the contribution which Mr. Jan Zwartendijk, Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Netherlands made to the "Visas for Life" programme. The exhibition panels will be loaned from Sugihara House and Tsuruga City. The exhibition will run from September 4th to October 4th, 2015. 


Release of a Commemorative Stamp to Mark the 75th Anniversary of the Issuing of 'Visas for Life' 

This is a collaborative project between Lithuania, Japan and the Netherlands. This release will mark the 75th anniversary of the "Visas for Life". While the Japanese and Dutch sides are going to release a customized stamp of Mr. Chiune Sugihara and Jan Zwartendijk, the Lithuanian Post Office is planning to release an envelope of Mr. Chiune Sugihara and Jan Zwartendijk. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan is currently in discussion with JP MITSUKOSHI MERCHANDISING co., Ltd (stakeholder: Post office product sales services 60% and Mitsubishi Isetan holdings 40%) about releasing a customized stamp which will commemorate the 'Visas for Life'.  JP MITSUKOSHI MERCHANDISING co., Ltd is also in discussion with a Japanese film company, Toho, about ways in which they might collaborate on their respective Sugihara projects. Toho are producing a film about Mr. Chiune Sugihara which will be on the screen in Japan this coming autumn.


Photos from the events: