On the 14th of April in 2015 a book presentation was held in chamber theatre of Kaunas. The book is called „Smuggled in Potatoe Sacks:  Fifty Stories of the Hidden Children of the Kaunas Ghetto“, the presentation was organized by Sugihara Foundation – Diplomats for Life and public institution „North Jerusalem“. On this occasion people, who compiled the book, came from London and Israel to the event; these people are Dr. Solomonas Abramovičius and Dr. Jakovas Zilbergas. To the presentation came ex-prisoners of Kaunas ghetto, they rescuers’ families, USA’s ex-ambassador in Lithuania Anne E.Derse, vice minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan Kentaro Sonoura and ambassador of Japan in Lithuania Kazuko Shiraishi, Sugihara’s Foundation – Diplomats for Life chairman of the board Ramūnas Garbaravičius and other respectable guests. Extracts from the book were red by actors Aleksandras Rubinovas, Kristina Kazakevičiūtė and a scholar Laura Vidmantaitė. And through the whole event Yiddish songs were played by tenor Rafailas Karpis, bass Joris Rubinovas, soprano Gabrielė Jocaitė, they were accompanied by Darius Mažintas and Viktoras Orestas Vagusevičius.