Schools are invited to register their school groups for the education programmes at the Sugihara House Museum. Please contact us for registration:


By phone: +370 37 332881

Japan cultural educations

Join us for education and workshops at Sugihara House to learn about Japanese culture, history and geography. You will be able to enrich the knowledge gained during the education with interactive activities in our workshops presenting Japanese arts and cultural traditions: origami folding, omamori making or calligraphy writing.

Duration: 1 hour

Price per student: 6 Eur

Escape room game

It is an interactive history lesson set in an authentic environment - Chiune Sugihara's home, the former Japanese consulate, and Jan Zvartendijk's staged office. In the context of the history of the mid-20th century, students will get to know two personalities - Chiune Sugihara, Vice-Consul of the Empire of Japan, and Jan Zwartendijk, Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, who saved the lives of several thousand people in the process of issuing life visas to Jewish war refugees in Kaunas in the summer of 1940.

Exploring the museum's exhibition and the history of Lithuania and the world during the difficult period of the Second World War, participants will work in teams to complete tasks that develop the historical-cultural context and take part in an escape room game

Duration: 45 min.

Price per student: 6 Eur