Sugihara foundation

The Sugihara Foundation Diplomats for Life, which manages the Sugihara House Museum, is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation, and is therefore heavily dependent on external funding.

We are grateful to all those who support the work of the Sugihara House Museum to preserve the memory of Chiune Sugihara and Jan Zwartendijk and to promote the values of tolerance and empathy in a world in crisis of war and refugees.

We are supported by:

Ramūnas ir Birutė Garbaravičiai

Gifu prefecture citizens (Japan)

Saulius ir Jurgita Garbaravičiai

Puzyna Mockūnas Francoise Maria

Eurasia Travel (travel agency)



Honorary Consulate of Lithuania in Hiroshima Prefecture (Japan)

Sugihara House in Kaunas, Lithuania Preservation Fund (Japan)

UAB Ivuana

UAB Soliris

Jaocu city (Japan)

UAB Bioprolit

UAB Kaunas Metal

Arca Pay Ltd

American Fund for Lithuania-Latvia

The Tides Foundation


National Philanthropic Trust (JAV)

Jaocu city manucipality (Japan)

Hokaiddo city association (Japan)

Japan jewish community

Tagaki Kayako

Rokas Raudonius

Prof. Tadas Baginskas

Wano Tsutomu

UAB Samsonas

Project partners

Rothschild Foundation

Lithuanian Council of Culture

Kaunas city manucipality

Netherlands Embassy in Lithuania

German Embassy in Lithuania

LR Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Kaunas 2022

Fukui university students (Japan)

Dainius Lanauskas